The Principalities

Traigstahn – Ruled by Prince Traig, this principality is located in the lowest floors of the Principalities and the largest principality. It’s floors join with the lower mines and Prince Traig has a near monopoly on most of the metals.

Wrelnstahn – Ruled by Prince Wreln, this principality is closest to the main gate of the Principalities. While one of the poorest former districts due to the gates closing, they have an abundance of engineers making up their ranks and holds the only sorcerous brotherhood in the Principalities.

Geranstahn – Ruled by Prince Geran, this principality buys metals and produces masterpieces. Talented Smiths are abundant and Prince Geran is made rich by their works.

Faulstahn – Ruled by Prince Faul, this principality is part slum district and part red light district. Prince Faul has made this principality THE place to get whatever dirty little fix you want. Dwarves from other principalities public look down on Faulstahn but ofter use it for clandestine meetings, hiring cheap muscle or otherwise just visiting for their own gratification.

Yernstahn – Ruled by Prince Yern, this principality has the only mines not held by Prince Traig. While more mundane metals are mined in Traigstahn, Yernstahn has mined for gold, silver and precious jewels, making them theoretically the wealthiest Principality. They are often outshone by Ershstahn though.

Ershstahn – Ruled by Prince Ersh, this prinicpality is located at the highest points of the Principalities and has access to the plateus and clearings used for farming and grazing animals. Prince Ersh has become rich by the fact that he has a stranglehold on food in the Principalities.

Karrastahn – Ruled by the High Seeker, this principality covers the surronds of the former royal palace. While mainly having some of the best arcitects and builders and the Principalities, it is famous for hosting the stronghold of the Seekers.

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The Principalities

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