History of the Dwarven Principalities

Back when the world was new and before the arrival of the Goddess the mortals of the world were beset by the unbound Spirits that inhabited the world. As years went on, one of the eldest of the dwarves gathered his people in secret and took them deep into the mountains, hoping to escape the Spirits by losing themselves underground.

The eldest, now known as King Fortitude (due to the quality he showed when taking his people through the mountains), led his people to hollow out deep caves in the furthest parts of the mountains and to clear flat some ground to bear crops in the highest peaks to feed them. It was decades of back breaking works, but eventually it was done. Their small sanctuary became a massive city beaneath the entire south mountain range, one city big enough to host millions of dwarves, one city nearly as big as a whole human duchy. However, soon after it was complete the Lady arrived and pacified the Spirits that plagued the mortal worlds.

There was some upset at the amount of work that had been done to make a safe place against the spirits. However King Fortitude reminded them they had not just made a home, they had made a nation.

The Mountain Dwarves, as they are now known, opened trade with the mortals on the surface, such as the Republic Arcarnum. They traded mostly grain for the bountiful metals and minerals found underground.

King Fortitude died many years later leaving six sons and one daughter. It was challenging to decide who was heir as each was born by a different dwarf woman (Fortitude was known as prolifigate in sharing his ‘love’ and had many mistresses, accepting all those born to him as his official sons). Debates raged amoung the sons of the King as to who should take up his mantle. The fighting was still going on as they heard of the Elven Empire.

Upon hearing of the expansionist empire conquering an enclave of Hill Dwarfs, it was unanimously decided that they would close the gates of the Kingdom and seek sanctuary again beneath the mountains. Leaving the newly formed Kingdom of Rainsang unaware of the Elvish threat until they attempted to invade 100 years later.

During this time, the fighting between the heirs grew worse, there was shadowy wars between each of the heirs followers. Finally it became too much, each heir denounced each other and took their followers to a seperate district, declaring their own kingdoms. None claimed Kingship, calling themselves princes instead.

King Fortitude’s only daughter claimed a district as well, but instead declared herself High Seeker and founded the order that sends dwarves out into the world to keep an eye on the outside.

Thus, the dwarven Principalities were made.

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History of the Dwarven Principalities

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